[GUIDE] Know Everything About FULL INT FIRE SPEAR NUKER – Chinese Character

[GUIDE] Know Everything About FULL INT FIRE SPEAR NUKER  – Chinese Character


Fanning Spear Series

I, III & V = Mag Def. Increase for 15 seconds. [MAX IT!]
II, IV, VI = Blocking Ratio Increase for 15 seconds. [OPTIONAL]
Heuksal Spear Series

IV & V hit Dull and got a high attack power. [MAX IT!]
Soul Depart Spear Series

Most used Heuksal Skill, hit very nice damage and stun your enemy sometimes. [MAX IT!]
Ghost Spear Attack Series

Hit some nice and FAST damage, 35% probability to knock back your enemy. Mostly used as finisher in a PvP. [MAX IT!]
Chain Spear Attack Series

Skills look nice, hit not that much damage. You won’t use these skills in a PvP. [OPTIONAL]
Flying Dragon Spear Series

Heuksal’s newest strongest skill since 10Degree. Skill hit ur enemy 2 times + Range attack. [MAX IT!] 

Cheolsam Force Series (Passive)

Increase 5’065 HP. Important, because you are full int ;p. [MAX IT!]
Fire Force Series

Your main imbue, stronger than light and cold imbue. [MAX IT!]
Fire Shield Series

Important if you want to be freez imun. [MAX IT!]
Flame Body Series

Increase of 11% Physical damage. You are a CHIN-Char, you hit MAG and PHY. [MAX IT]
Fire Protection Series

Increase ur Magical Def, also important for pvp’ing INT Chars. [MAX IT!]
Fire Wall Series

Absorb the FULL magical damage (Mostly 1 hit only). Helpful versus a Sun/Nova Wizard. [MAX IT!]
Flame Wave Series

Our Nukes! Higher Range + stronger than Light Nukes.
I & IV = fast Nukes [OPTIONAL]
II, III, V & VI = strong Nukes [MAX IT!]
Fire Combustion Series

Detect invisible and stealth, we got our bot or media.pk2 edit for. [IGNORE]
Flame Devil Force Series (Passive)

Increase 11% Physical damage. (Total Firebuild 22% Phy. damage Increase) [MAX IT!]
Cold Force Series

Imbue with a cool effect, freeze all your enemy’s without Fire Shield or Holy Word. But still only a secondary Imbue. [OPTIONAL]
Frost Guard Series

Increase your Physical Def, important for pvp’ing STR Chars. [MAX IT!]
Cold Wave Attack Series

Also ignore that Skillbook. Doesn’t hit damage, freeze ur enemy for some seconds (without Fire Shield). Better Skill Cold Imbue. [IGNORE]
Frost Wall Series

Absorb the FULL physical damage (Mostly 1-2 hits only). Helpful versus all kind of Chars. [MAX IT!]
Frost Nova Series

Ignore that Skillbook again. Doesn’t hit damage, freeze ur enemy for some seconds (without Fire Shield). Better Skill Cold Imbue. IGNORE
Snow Storm Series

Cold Nukes. Wtf? Don’t skill that, isn’t worth. [OPTIONAL]
Snow Shield Series

Important Skill. That’s your life assurance.
Max I, II, III, IV
Cold Armor Series

Increase your Physical Def. [MAX IT!]
► Heuksal Lv110 Skill SP: 739,578 + Mastery SP: 353,208 = 1,092,786
► Cold Lv110 Skill SP: 494,806 + Mastery SP: 353,208 = 848,014
► Fire Lv110 Skill SP: 808,170 + Mastery SP: 353,208 = 1,161,378
Required Level: 110
Required Total SP: 3,102,178
Total Mastery Level: 330

—LEVEL 100—
HP & MP with Premium PLUS and Devil Spirit A Grade.
Simply: 4x Int Increase on Avatar Set
MMO: 150HP Increase on Avatar Set
Defense with +5 Garment:
Mag: 3900-4000~
Phy: 1600-1700~
Defense with +5 Protector:
Mag: 3500~
Phy: 1800-1900~
—LEVEL 110—
110 HP
17’835 + 3x 1’300 + 5’065 * 15% (4’020) = 30’820 HP <- 15% Devil Spirit
17’835 + 3x 1’300 + 5’065 * 20% (5’360) = 32’160 HP <- 20% Devil Spirit
110 MP
46’147 + 3x 1’300 * 15% (7’507) = 57’554 MP <- 15% Devil Spirit
46’147 + 3x 1’300 * 20% (10’009) = 60’065 MP <- 20% Devil Spirit
HP | MP | Phy. Def. | Mag. Def. | ~Parry Ratio | ~Hit Ratio | Phy & Mag Balance with Spear (Seal of Nova +10/Nova +7 Garment Set)
HP | MP | Phy. Def. | Mag. Def. | ~Parry Ratio | ~Hit Ratio | Phy & Mag Balance with Sword & Shield (Seal of Nova +7/Nova +7 Garment Set)


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